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Email Marketing For Hotels

With Constant Contact as our partner, we have a wide range of services to offer you and your hotel business. Including initial engagement services such as setting up your account or designing the first Email Marketing template for you to ongoing hospitality email marketing and social media outreach management and execution services.

We help you grow your contact list using Email Marketing For Hotel’s built-in Forward-to-Friend and Join My Mailing List features. We also manage your guests’ bounce and unsubscribe requests and allow you to segment mailing lists to deliver content relevant to specific audiences.

Our experienced team will also show your hotel`s email marketing results in real-time, detailing who has received your email, who has opened it, and who has clicked on which link for a better understanding.

And finally, to ensure your messages are delivered exactly as we have designed them, Email Marketing from Constant Contact templates are format-tested across popular email programs, including Outlook and Gmail, among others. This, combined with sophisticated anti-spam checks and balances, ensure messages avoid ISP blocking -- all resulting in an average delivery rate of 97 percent.

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