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A new way to engage your clients

Social Campaigns from Constant Contact provides a new way to engage your client’s existing contacts, connecting customers with your client’s business on Facebook. This connection or ‘Like’ instantly endorses your client to every one of that customer’s Facebook friends, extending the reach of your client’s message through modern word-of-mouth

Everybody’s in the social media pool!

Boomer generation that’s responsible for the most growth on social media sites in recent years. With every demographic taking a dip in the social media pool, it’s more than likely that your client’s customers are active on one or more of Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn. But with a significant percentage of small businesses yet to engage their customers through social media, the opportunity for Constant Contact Solution Providers like you to create and manage your client’s social media presence is plentiful. Equipped with Social Campaigns, you are well positioned to offer your clients the kind of help they need to get the most out of their social presence.

Deliver exclusive content

Get things off to a great start using Social Campaigns to provide your fans with content exclusive to Facebook. Resources such as how-to guides, personalized product videos or hidden tips and tricks will keep your fans coming back to your page again and again. From there you can take your client’s fan experience to the next level, using Social Campaigns to drive promotions direct to Facebook fans. Facebook fan exclusivity motivates page sharing, garnering more fans as the promotion naturally snowballs. Similarly, you can use Social Campaigns to run a sweepstakes to engage your client’s fans with exciting prizes, boosting social word-of-mouth as you help build your client’s email list. For non-profits clients, Social Campaigns is the perfect way for you to help them raise donations while building cause or event awareness.

Turning ‘likers’ into customers

Here’s how it works: Social Campaigns allows you to create, publish and promote special landing pages for your clients on their Facebook Business Page -- including their ‘Like’ and ‘Reveal’ page. In just four quick steps, Social Campaigns puts promotions in motion: Knowing how Social Campaigns works is one thing, but you will really shine when you advise your clients on what kind of offers motivate sharing, and what kind of offers turn fans into customers, based on the metrics Constant Contact gathers and the best practice knowledge you bring as a partner. When you help your client solve their marketing challenges, you open the door to recurring services.

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