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The sky is the limit

But that’s just the start of it. With Constant Contact as your partner, you have a wide range of services to offer your clients -- including initial engagement services such as setting up your client’s account or designing their first Email Marketing template, to ongoing email marketing and social media outreach management and execution services. Essentially, the sky is the limit when you partner with Constant Contact to deliver services to your clients!

Social Media Integration

Email Marketing kick starts your client’s social media outreach as well, allowing you to drive traffic to their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Flickr and LinkedIn, making it easy for recipients to spread the word and become more engaged with your client. Using Simple Share, you can magnify the efforts of a standard email campaign, populating it across your client’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds in just one step. Now you’ve not only broadened your client’s reach exponentially, but you have clearly demonstrated the value of your services -- making you their go-to marketing resource.

List Management

As a solution provider you can help your clients grow their list using Email Marketing’s built-in Forward-to-a-Friend and Join My Mailing List features. As important as it is to grow a client’s list, managing that list is crucial to optimize the delivery and relevance of your client’s messages. Email Marketing automatically manages your client’s bounce and unsubscribe requests and allows you to segment mailing lists to deliver content relevant to specific audiences within your client’s list.|

Measure and manage results

Now that you have produced and sent your client’s newsletter, it’s time to show them how effectively you’re doing your job using Email Marketing’s built-in tracking and reporting functions. Email Marketing shows you results in real-time, detailing who has received your email, who has opened it, and who has clicked on which link -- helping you better understand which message best resonates with audiences. When you combine this knowledge with the ability to compare the performance of previous campaigns, you can help your client refine their messaging and optimize customer response, enhancing your value as a solution provider.

Guaranteed delivery

And finally, to ensure your client’s messages are delivered exactly as you have designed them, Email Marketing from Constant Contact templates are format-tested across popular email programs, including Outlook and Gmail among others. This, combined with sophisticated anti-spam checks and balances ensure messages avoid ISP blocking -- all resulting in an average delivery rate of 97 percent.

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